Terms of use


Thank you for using the ER BANK service and product  (Hereinafter the “Service”). ER BANK is provided by i-Scream Media Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter the “Company”). Carefully read the terms of service, since usage of and membership to the Service confirms automatic agreement to the terms of service for Service use.

ER BANK is all around you.

The Company offers streaming for all assets, including images, videos, music, and meta data, through the Service (Hereinafter the “Contents”). You can freely use the Service through various terminals, such as PC and cellphone, by which the Internet can be accessed. You can check “How to use the Service” via FAQ or our Customer Service Center.

To register as a member.

After you agree to the terms and conditions for Service use and enter your information, you can apply for membership registration. The Company completes the membership registration procedure through approval and awards an account to you. The account means a login account required to use the Service.

The Company may not approve account creation, if you try to register membership using another person’s personal information, including name or email address, or if you enter false information. The Company does not collect or demand information required for membership registration from users younger than 14. Those who are younger than 14 should not enter personal information and should not use the Service. If an account is judged to have been created in violation of the condition above, the Company can apply appropriate restrictions, including immediate suspension of the Service use or deletion of the account.

Your account can only be used by yourself, and you are responsible for all activities conducted through the account. You need to ensure your password remains private to protect your account from unauthorized use. If illegal usage is identified, we request that you report it to our Customer Service Center. In such cases, the Company will inform you of methods to prevent such illegal use.


There are some cautions you need to comply with in order to use the Service safely, if yours and others’ rights are to be respected.

You should not disturb the Service or try to access the Service using other methods, except the Interface and guidance offered by the Company. You should not conduct any acts that violate the copyrights of the Company or others, and you should not use offensive language, damage others’ reputation, harass, stalk, or threaten other users.

You do not own the intellectual property rights of the Service or any of the Service contents, even though you can freely use the Service. You cannot use the Service contents, trademark, and logo, except when you are allowed to do so, or you are permitted to use according to laws.

If you do not conform to the relevant laws and regulations, and the terms and conditions for Service use and relevant policies, the Company can investigate your violations, and can temporarily or permanently suspend your access to the Service. 

Personal information and copyright are protected.

The Company collects and uses your personal information within the agreed upon purpose and scope for smooth delivery of the Service, and safely manages all personal information according to personal information protection laws and regulations. You can check the efforts made by the Company and other details on safe handling of personal information in the Personal Information Protection Policy.

Illegal duplication and use of the Content offered by the Service is regarded as copyright infringement under the Copyright Act and the relevant laws. In such cases users will be forced to compensate the Company for all manner of losses or damages incurred due to use of the Content other than for uses expressly allowed by the Company, as set forth in the terms and conditions. The Company responds to any report asserting copyright infringement under the procedures set forth in the Copyright Act and the relevant laws, and will cancel accounts of repeated copyright-infringing users.

The Service may be suspended or changed.

The Company is doing its utmost to deliver the Service in a safe manner. However, the Company may suspend the Service partially or fully for such reasons as regular or temporary inspection for equipment maintenance, equipment replacement or breakdown, and loss of communication.
The Company can revise or terminate the Service partially or fully for Service operation or improvement. In case the Company partially or fully revises or terminates the Service delivered free of charge, compensation is not offered, unless by special regulation in the relevant laws and regulations. 
In such cases, the Company will post a notice on the Service screen in advance, and issue immediate notification upon its own identification of unpredictable developments.

The Service use contract may be terminated.

If you no longer wish to use the Service, you can apply for termination of the Service via the menu on the Service screen. The Company will promptly process your application, as stipulated in the laws and regulations.
Once the Service use contract is terminated, the Company cannot retain the relevant member data, including posts affiliated with the member’s account, except in cases where the Company is permitted to retain the member’s information under the relevant laws and regulations and personal information processing policy. Nonetheless, if posts you have written are scrapped or posted using other sharing functions, such posts will remain without being deleted.

The Company will be liable for its own wrongdoing.

The Company will compensate you for losses or damages incurred by the Company intentionally or by mistake in relation to your using the Service under the relevant laws and regulations. However, the Company is not liable for any losses or damages incurred to you, if the Company cannot offer the Service owing to force majeure or natural disasters, or if you cannot use the Service due to your own intention or mistake.
Even though the Company is liable for loss/damage compensation, the Company is not liable for special losses/damages or indirect losses/damages, due to unpredictable situations or special situations, and other punitive losses/damages, unless special regulations exist in the relevant laws and regulations. 
Meanwhile, the Company is also not liable for any losses/damages incurred from opinion exchange and transactions between you and other members, and between you and non-members in relation to the Service, or for any losses/damages incurred by your reliance on the Contents, including others’ posts on the Service.


The Company may revise the terms and conditions, Service usage methods, guidance, and notices to reflect any changes to the relevant laws and the Service. The Company can revise the terms and conditions, accounts, and operation policy at any time within a scope that does not violate the relevant laws and regulations. In doing so, the Company will inform members in advance of the cause of the revision and the application date. In case of significant change to the terms and conditions that may be disadvantageous to you, you will be notified via the Service concerned at least 30 days in advance, and we will inform you individually through separate electronic means (email, notification within the Service). However, concerning any changes related to new functions with regard to the Service and any change due to legal reasons, such changes will be effectuated immediately. If you do not give consent to the changed terms and conditions, you cannot use the Service.
The terms and conditions are applied to relationships between you and the Company and do not create any benefits for others. Although the Company does not take immediate action, if you have not confirmed the terms and conditions, the Company retains its right. Also, even though some clauses in the terms and conditions cannot be executed, they do not affect other clauses of the terms and conditions.
The Korean laws and regulations will be applied to the relationships between you and the Company with regard to the terms and conditions or the Service. If any manner of dispute arises between you and the Company, the dispute resolution process will comply with the procedure set forth in the Korean Civil Procedure Act.

* Notice date : November 2, 2020
* Enforcement date : November 2, 2020